A Family Affair (+ CD)

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Introduces students to classic literature from the English-speaking world. This graded series allows teachers to choose the most appropriate story for the level of their class.

  • Easy to follow facing-page layout: left-hand for text, right-hand for exercises.
  • On-page glossaries.
  • Pre- and post-reading activities.
  • Authors’ bio-data.
  • Audio CD with recordings of the text.
  • Teacher’s Guide with key to all exercises plus photocopiable worksheets.

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Год издания 2007 Страниц 96 Переплет Мягкая обложка Язык Английский Приложение Прилагается CD Формат 60х84/16 (145х200 мм, стандартный) ISBN 978-88-8148-341-9 Вес 500 г Возрастные ограничения 16+

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  • A Family Affair (+ CD).pdf
  • A Family Affair (+ CD).epub
  • A Family Affair (+ CD).mobi
  • A Family Affair (+ CD).rtf
  • A Family Affair (+ CD).fb2
  • A Family Affair (+ CD) аудиокнига
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